Intestinal Adhesions - symptoms, causes and treatment

Intestinal Adhesions - symptoms, causes and treatment

Intestinal Adhesions - areas of tissue that fuse together when SCAR tissue extends into normal tissue. Intestinal adhesions are most common in people who have had abdominal surgery (particularly multiple operations) though also may form with ENDOMETRIOSIS, INFLAMMATORY BOWEL DISEASE (IBD), CELIAC DISEASE, and other circumstances in which there is damage to the abdominal tissues that generates scar tissue.

Symptoms of Intestinal Adhesions and Treatment

Intestinal adhesions may cause abdominal discomfort during certain movements or activities or can become extensive enough to create partial or complete intestinal obstruction (ILEUS). Intestinal adhesions that interfere with digestive functions usually require surgery to clear away the scar tissue. Inherent in this treatment approach, however, is the risk for additional intestinal adhesions to form as a result of the scar tissue that develops during HEALING. Most intestinal adhesions do not cause functional problems. Surgeons typically remove any intestinal adhesions that are present whenever they perform other surgeries.


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