Rapid Gastric Emptying - dumping syndrome

Rapid Gastric Emptying - dumping syndrome

Rapid Gastric Emptying - a disorder, also called dumping syndrome, in which food moves from the STOMACH into the SMALL INTESTINE incompletely digested, resulting in the small intestine attempting to digest solid food particles. Normally the digestive content that reaches the small intestine is fairly liquefied. The incomplete gastric digestion causes various gastrointestinal symptoms and leads to MALABSORPTION. Rapid gastric emptying typically occurs in people who have had stomach surgery, particularly BARIATRIC SURGERY for weight loss. Some research studies suggest that rapid gastric emptying in people who have not had stomach surgery may be an early sign of type 2 DIABETES. The diagnostic path may include gastroscopy and BARIUM SWALLOW to rule out other conditions. Treatment integrates dietary changes and medications to slow PERISTALSIS. Dietary changes include eating six small, low-carbohydrate meals throughout the day and drinking liquids between, rather than with, meals.


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