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biotin vitamin h

Essential for normal metabolic functions – is produced by intestine bacteria and might help in therapy of many organism failures However, the organism cannot properly utilize this form of the vitamin H. The main form is D-biotin. Biotin insufficiency might cause serious changes of skin and nerve system failures.

Biotin represent a fundamental substance for healthy nails and hair, helps to utilize saccharine, fats and proteins, and regulates the level of sugar in blood for diabetics.

Benefits and Effectiveness

Biotin partakes in production of various enzymes and saccharine, fats and proteins fission. Vitamin H is fundamental for glucoses, essential substance for the organism functions, absorption. Glucoses also nourish nails and hair.

Main benefits: Vitamin H strengthens nails and prevents form their fragility. Biotin also slows the process of hair loss, if it does not result from biotin deficiency.

Other benefits: Vitamin H regulates low level of blood sugar; therefore it might help in therapy of diabetes. Furthermore, it might protect from nerve insult resulting from diabetes. Diabetes should consult the usage of biotin with their physicians first.

Recommended dosage and deficiency

Certain daily dosage for biotin is not specified. Sufficient daily dose should be 30 to 100 mcg. This dosage is sufficient for keep the organism in a good and healthy shape. In prevention or therapy of various illnesses is necessary to increase the doses.

Deficiency: Low level was never found to adults. However, long term dosage might lower the optimal level of biotin in organism.

Surplus: Even though no side effects were observed in usage of high doses of biotin, the highest daily doses should not exceed 2500 mcg.


To prevent from nail or hair loss, use 1000 to 1200 mcg/ per day.

Multivitamin and B complex dietary supplements contain sufficient amount of biotin. Solely biotin dietary supplements are recommended to use only in therapy of certain diseases. These supplements are usually used with a meal.


Biotin is contained in livers, soya products, breakfast cereals, rice, legumes, barley or cauliflower.

Facts and suggestions

Biotin is beneficial for healthy and strong hair but it cannot cure baldness.


If one experiences any health difficulties, he should consult using dietary supplements with his physician.

Additional information

Chestnuts represent effective natural resource of biotin.

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