What is Bone Spur – Osteophyte

Bone Spur – An extension of bone tissue, also called an osteophyte, that commonly develops near a joint. A bone spur has a jagged, pointed appearance. Doctors believe bone spurs develop as a means of protecting a joint exposed to excessive stress or disease process.

Most bone spurs do not cause symptoms, though may be apparent as bumps in the muscle or other soft tissue

Bone spurs cause pain when they irritate surrounding tissues such as muscle and cartilage. Bone spurs are especially common in the heels, hands, shoulders, and spine.

Treatment Options

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) often succeed in relieving the inflammation and pain. For bone spurs that cause substantial pain, the doctor may inject the site with cortisone and a topical anesthetic agent to reduce inflammation and relieve pain.


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