Often, home treatment by natural means quite enough to be irritated throat calmed down, loosen the muscles in the walls of the airways and bronchial secretions to rid the inflammation. Despite his unhealthy and unpleasant sound of the cough is a vital defense functions of the organism. They often do not realize that cough at least once or twice an hour, you can cleanse your throat and airways of mucus and dead cells. Cough causes difficulties only if it is rampant, caused by stimulation from the environment or respiratory infections. Cough may be dry, unproductive, it means that the visor does not eliminate the respiratory tract, or wet and productive, when it is mucus from TB and it contains irritants and bacteria.

Symptoms of cough

Cough is a symptom itself, is mostly a manifestation of airway infection or irritation of the throat and lungs. Cough is either irritating dry (unproductive) or wet (productive).

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