Definition of Entropion

Entropion – deformity of the eyelid in which the lip of the lid, including the eyelashes, curls inward toward the eye.

Scarring that results from cicatricial pemphigoid (an autoimmune disorder in which painful blisters repeatedly form on the insides of the eyelids) or recurrent conjunctivitis (inflammation or infection of the inner lining of the eyelids) is a common cause of entropion. Entropion may also develop for unknown reasons (idiopathic).

The ophthalmologist can diagnose entropion by its presentation. The irritation of the lid and lashes against the surface of the eye is painful and can cause significant damage to the cornea, resulting in vision impairment and perhaps the need for corneal transplantation.

Treatment seeks to relieve the irritation. In mild entropion, lubricating eye drops may be sufficient to protect the eye. Moderate to severe entropion requires surgery to restore the eyelid to its appropriate structure. Once corrected, entropion usually does not recur.


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