What is Hematospermia, causes and treatment

Hematospermia – BLOOD in the SEMEN that may be apparent with EJACULATION. Trauma and INFECTIONare the main causes of hematospermia. SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES (STDS), notably GONORRHEA and CHLAMYDIA, are common infections that irritate and inflame the URETHRA, often causing bleeding into both the URINE (HEMATURIA) and the semen as either passes through the urethra to leave the body. Less common causes of hematospermia include bleeding disorders (health conditions or medication induced); severe HYPERTENSION (high BLOOD PRESSURE); and, in men over age 50, PROSTATE CANCER. Diagnostic and therapeutic efforts focus on identifying and treating the underlying cause.


Hematospermia – Blood in the Semen – causes and treatment
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