Immune Disorders Definition

Chronic conditions of the immune system that affect the immune response and the body’s ability to protect and defend itself against infection. Immune disorders generally result from a deficiency or absence of some component or structure of immune function. Such a deficiency may be primary, which is congenital (present at birth), genetic (inherited), or acquired (develops during life).

People who have had their spleen surgically removed (splenectomy) also have reduced immune response, which results in increased susceptibility to infection.

autoimmune disorderscommon variable immune deficiency (cvid)
hiv/aidshypersensitivity reaction
lgA NEPHROPATHYimmunoglobulin a (iga) deficiency
IgE deficiencyIgM deficiency
partial combined severe combined immunodeficiency (pcid)immunodeficiency (scid)
toxic epidermal necrolysisWegener’s granulomatosis

Symptoms of Immune disorders

Frequent or chronic infection is the primary symptom of an immune disorder other than hypersensitivity reaction (allergy). Blood tests for immunoglobulins and antibodies generally can diagnose immune disorders.

Hypersensitivity reactions generate symptoms according to the type of reaction and may include symptoms of allergic rhinitisallergic conjunctivitisallergic dermatitis, or allergic asthmaallergy testing is the preferred diagnostic approach for identifying the allergens responsible for hypersensitivity reaction, though often a person knows the cause of an allergy.

Immune disorders Treatment

Immune disorders are generally chronic, which means treatment can improve symptoms but not cure or end the condition. Common medication therapies for immune disorders include antihistamine medicationsnonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (nsaids)corticosteroid medications, leukotriene receptor antagonists, mast cell stabilizers, and disease-modifying rheumatoid drugs (dmards).

The particular medication regimen depends on the immune disorder and the individual’s symptoms.


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