low cost prescription programs

Definition of Low-Cost Prescription Programs

low cost prescription programsLow-Cost Prescription Programs – need-based programs, usually under the sponsorship of major pharmaceutical manufacturers, that make certain prescription medications available to people who lack insurance coverage for prescription medications or who cannot otherwise afford to obtain them.

Most low-cost prescription programs have income limitations for enrollees and many require that a doctor refer the person and that the person receive the medications through delivery to the doctor’s office. Doctors, hospitals, and pharmacies maintain information about current programs and their enrollment requirements.

Organizations and Programs

Some organizations, such as the American Association for Retired Persons (AARP), also have membership prescription programs that make drugs available to members at a significant discount from regular retail prices. Doctors’ offices and clinics hospitals also often have drug samples that pharmaceutical representatives leave.

Some programs offer prepaid prescription cards and other kinds of membership promotions for people who do not have insurance to cover prescription drugs but exceed the income levels for low-cost prescription plans. Whether these programs truly save money on prescription drugs depends on the amount and kinds of prescription drugs an individual takes.


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