Definition of Scar

scarA formation of fibrous tissue that remains at the site of a healed wound. Though a scar will not entirely match the surrounding tissue, most scars heal to be barely noticeable.

Removal and Laser Treatments

Some become overgrown. A hypertrophic scar is enlarged though does not extend beyond the original wound site. Over time, most hypertrophic scars retreat to become less noticeable.

The dermatologist may reduce a hypertrophic scar by injecting it with an intralesional corticosteriod medication or with pulsed dye laser treatments. The success of such procedures depends on the location and nature of the hypertrophic scar.

Keloid scars occur when the scar formation process continues after the wound heals. The keloid continues to grow, becoming a spongy lesion that no longer has anything to do with wound healing. Keloids can become quite large. The dermatologist may remove keloids that are continually irritated, such as by clothing, or that are cosmetically undesirable. However, keloids tend to recur.


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