Definition of Spermatocele and Treatment

A cyst containing dead sperm that forms in the epididymis. Doctors do not know what causes spermatoceles, also called epididymal cysts, to develop though suspect they result from some sort of obstruction that blocks their flow through the epididymis.

A spermatocele is round, firm, and clearly defined. A man may discover a spermatocele during routine testicular self-examination (tse) or the doctor may find it during routine medical examination.

A large spermatocele may cause pain. Ultrasound of the scrotum confirms the diagnosis. No treatment is necessary for a small spermatocele that does not cause symptoms.

For large spermatoceles surgery to remove the spermatocele is the most effective treatment. However, surgery may impair fertility because it usually involves removing a portion of the epididymis.


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