Definition of Valerian

Valerian - valeriana officinalisIt is three o’clock in the morning and you awake with wide eyes. I sincerely hope to have something that you conjure up sleep. The answer can be Valerian – valeriana officinalis. This herb easily promote sleep without unpleasant side effects of conventional medications.

In many European countries, including Germany and England, valerian is authorized by the medical authorities to promote sleep. It is a perennial that is native to North America, Asia and Europe, has pink flowers that grow from an aromatic rhizome with numerous roots.

Valerian rhizome contains many important compounds, including valeric acid and volatile oil, a substance that has been alternately identified as the originator of the sedative effects. Many believe that the effectiveness may be the result of the synergistic effect of several different components.

The Most Common Application (valeriana officinalis)

Valeriana officinalis promotes restful sleep, soothes stress and anxiety. It also relieves symptoms of some diseases of the digestive tract.

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