Definition of Vesicle

Vesicle is a small, blisterlike lesion on the skin that contains serous fluid. Vesicles typically occur in clusters and indicate infection, such as with herpes simplex virus (HSV), or irritation, such as results from contact with poison ivy. Skin vesicles often hurt or itch.

Treatment may include topical medications to relieve discomfort, with oral analgesic medications (pain relievers) or antihistamine medications (to relieve itching) as necessary.

Vesicles begin to recede and heal when the underlying circumstance causing them begins to resolve. Vesicles usually do not rupture or tear. During healing the body reabsorbs the serous fluid they contain, giving the appearance that the vesicles wither away until all that remains is a thin crust that eventually falls off.

In other contexts within the human body, a vesicle is a small saclike or pocketlike structure in an organ, such as the seminal vesicles in the male reproductive system.


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