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Beltina.org includes plenty of helpful information about health, dietary supplements, vitamins, minerals and simples which might help as alternative (home) treatment for diseases and health problems. Part of the encyclopedia is a disease dictionary including not only recommendation how to prevent each disease but also its initial symptoms, causes and useful advices about treatment for given illness.

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Libido - what si, definition and Symptoms of Low Libido

What is Libido and Definition The level of sexual desire an individual feels, also called sex drive. Libido represents a complex interaction between the mind and the sex hormones. Low hormonal levels often result in reduced libido. In men the HORMONE associated with libido is TESTOSTERONE; in women both ESTROGENS and

erythropoietin (EPO) definition

What is Erythropoietin (EPO) A HORMONE the KIDNEYS produce that stimulates the BONE MARROW to increase red BLOOD cell production. EPO is a protein structure called a CYTOKINE. Specialized cells in the renal cortex, called peritubular fibroblasts, respond to the amount of oxygen in the blood as it passes through the

Bone Spur / osteophyte - extension of bone tissue - definition and treatment

Bone Spur / osteophyte - extension of bone tissue - definition and treatment

What is Bone Spur - Osteophyte Bone Spur - An extension of BONE tissue, also called an osteophyte, that commonly develops near a JOINT. A bone spur has a jagged, pointed appearance. Doctors believe bone spurs develop as a means of protecting a joint exposed to excessive stress or disease process. Most bone spurs do

Alternative and complementary remedies for cancer

Therapies outside the realm of conventional medical methods that are promoted to relieve cancer symptoms. Alternative practices are used instead of conventional treatments and methods; complementary practices are used in conjunction with conventional treatments and methods. Some therapies and remedies may be either

Hyperventilation syndrome - treatment, symptoms

Hyperventilation syndrome - treatment, symptoms

Hyperventilation syndrome is rapid, shallow BREATHING that causes carbon dioxide levels in the BLOOD to drop below normal. As the balance between carbon dioxide and other gases in the blood is essential for normal pulmonary and cardiovascular function, the decrease triggers actions in the body designed to slow the

Pancreas - function, problems and disease

Pancreas - function, problems and disease

Pancreas - an elongated gland with both endocrine and exocrine functions that lies beneath the STOMACH on the upper left side of the abdomen, beneath the lower ribs. Both realms of function play roles in digestion, though the endocrine functions of the pancreas are also significant for maintaining the body’s

Cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN) grade 1, 2, 3, 4

The growth of abnormal cells within the tissue of the CERVIX. Because without treatment CIN often progresses in severity and is the foundation of CERVICAL CANCER, doctors consider CIN a precancerous condition and grade it according to the extent to which it infiltrates the cervix. The four grades, or levels of