Dietary fiber (roughage)

Dietary fiber (roughage)

Hippocrates evaluated wholegrain bread as very healthy for its effects on large intestine. However, the true importance of fiber was fully appreciated in the last thirty years. Two British doctors working in Africa founded that diet with high percentage of fiber helps to fight back some diseases of civilization.

Dietary fiber has no food value, but it plays important role in keeping body in good shape. Instant fiber – contained in fruit, vegetables and pulse – is composed of plant cells and cell walls expanding in water. They split into simpler constituents by a bacterial activity in large intestine.

An example of instant fiber is tiny seeds of Plantago psyllium. Indissoluble fiber is contained in cereals and grains and composed mainly of all kinds of cell wall substances and lignin binding water without expanding. They get through alimentary tract undigested while they cannot be absorbed neither split by human body enzymes.

Most frequent assertion of Dietary Fiber

Fiber assists during digestion process and helps to keep large intestine in good shape, decreases cholesterol level, helps with retention, diarrhea, and irritable colon syndrome and kills pain arising from piles. Fiber helps to stabilize sugar level in blood, to facilitate weight reduction, and might be useful in prevention from gallstones.

Treatment and Effects of Fiber

Instant Fiber absorbs excessive water in bowels, enlarge size of fecal discharge and melt it. Fiber also binds cholesterol which is discharged afterwards. Therefore, it is useful for reducing cholesterol level in human body. Indissoluble fiber, for example cellulose endorses bowel functions, absorb cancerous rudiments and toxins, and helps to discharged them. Cellulose is impossible to ingest; while it is fermented by bacteria in bowels and creates fatty acids important for nutrition of bowel cells.

The main beneficial effects:

An absence of fiber can lead to diabetes, heart attacks, indigestion or piles. Healthy diet should be consisted of 18 g of fiber per day. However, an average daily income is 12 g. Just one slice of wholegrain bread constitutes of additional 5 g of fiber. Nutriment with high amount of instant fiber can help to reduce the expenditure of insulin in organism and helps diabetics to slow down absorption of sugar in blood. A diet with high amount of indissoluble fiber is important for prevention from retention and piles by shorten time needed for transit discharging substances through alimentary tract. Indissoluble fiber also slows down absorption of cholesterol from bowels. Thus, it reduces the cholesterol level in blood. According to academic studies, Plantago psyllium helps to regulate functions of large intestine to patients afflicted with retention, diarrhea, piles and irritation of colon syndrome. Absorption of water melts fecal discharge which can be more easily excluded. Therefore, it is helpful for patients afflicted with piles.
Other beneficial effects: Some research declares that fiber helps to reduce weight by filling stomach thanks to absorbing water and modulates appetite. In the same time, it lengthens digestion process and it evokes feeling of fullness. Nutritive with high amount of fiber, especially flaxseeds, contains plant estrogens known as lignin. Lignin is known for lowering breast cancer risk. Plantago psyllium plays a key role in prevention from gallstones. In one Mexican study was found that fiber helps to regulate this risk even in expanded disease.

Recommended dosage of Dietary Fiber

It is highly recommended to begin with small dosages about 1 to 2 g after every meal. Continuously, the dosage can be increased to 10 g (1 to 3 spoons) of powder twice or three times per day; every time with 250 ml of juice or water. Never use more than 10 g per day! Normal dosage is six capsules of fiber supplement twice to four times a day.

How to use Dietary Fiber

If one uses fiber supplements, he must have sufficient income of water while fiber is able to absorb large amount of water. After use of fiber is recommended to wait at least two hours before using another medicine while fiber is able to stop absorption of other substances. Pregnant women should consult using fiber with their doctor.

Possible side effects of Dietary Fiber

Sudden overdose income of fiber might cause stomachache and flatulence. Especially pulse can cause flatulency. Some people can be even allergic to fiber (usually wheat).

New finding about Dietary Fiber

In one American study was found that majority of 68.000 nurses who ate more fiber every morning over ten years had lower possibility of heart diseases than those who ate less fiber for every breakfast.

Notifications before usage of Dietary Fiber

Too high income of fiber can cause reducing effectiveness of other medicine such as birth control. Swallowing whole capsules with fiber can be dangerous if one is afflicted with crater failure. If there appears eczema or itching after using fiber, find doctor’s help immediately. If one is having medical problems, he should discuss using fiber with his doctor.

Additional information about Dietary Fiber

Fiber - Plantago psyllium absorbs water, thus it is necessary to use it with lots of water. Powder can be use melted in water or juice.

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