Seaweed is enormously effective nutritive supplement containing herbal proteins. The most beneficial alga is brown seaweed and green spirulina. Both these alga are different types of water flowers. Kelp – brown seaweed with long stalk and ranks among seaweed such as Fucus and Laminaria. It represents the most important resource of iodine; a key mineral in curing and prevention of thyroid failures. Smaller green seaweed (spirulina) is unicellar organism resembling bacteria. Its helical fibers are opulent of chlorophyll; therefore some lakes are dark blue-green.

Most frequent usage of Seaweed

Kelps heal thyroid functions decrement, and provide basic nutrients. Spirulina suppresses bad breath, and completes food of vitamins, minerals and proteins.

Treatment and Effects of Seaweed

Brown alga is prosperous for curing thyroid functions decrement thanks to its rich content of iodine. This seaweed is recommended as supplement helping healthy reducing weight. However, it is effective only in case the patient has problems with thyroid and suffers from iodine absence. Brown seaweed is strictly recommended to use on doctor’s description. Spirulina is the worthiest resource of chlorophyll. Thus, it is beneficial to cure extremely annoying problem – bad breath. In case the cause of such problem is not gingival failure or chronic inflammation of nosopharynx and others sinus nasals, alga might be an effective medicine. Therefore, it is usually a component of breath refreshers.

Recommended dosage of Seaweed

Adjunctive therapy of thyroid functions decrement: Brown seaweed is to be used only after doctor’s recommendation. If higher dosage of iodine is necessary, doctor can prescribe proper dosage. Seaweed powder is easy to melt in water. However some people do not swallow its taste. The same healing effect is guaranteed with capsules, tablets or tincture.

Refreshing breath with green seaweed: One can use commercial “green” drink prolific on chlorophyll, or melt powder in cup of water and flush his mouth with the dilution. It can be repeated more time during day.

How to use Seaweed

Supplements containing seaweed should be used during meals in order to reduce a possibility of stomach sicknesses. Brown seaweed extract are unhealthy for pregnant women and nursing mothers because of their high iodine content. Spirulina cannot harm them.

Possible side effects of Seaweed

Both seaweeds might possibly cause diarrhea or sickness. If such problem appears, stop using it immediately. About three percentages of population are sensitive to iodine. In this case, some side effects might appear after long time of using brown seaweed, such as painful enlarging of thyroid. This enlarging will eliminate after stopping to use it.

Notifications about Seaweed

Brown seaweed can be harmful for patients taking medicine for reconditioning functions of thyroid.

Additional information about Seaweed

Kelps are important resources of iodine.

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