Herbs and medical plants

Herbal supplements are made from plants, especially leaves and flowers, stems, roots or bark.
Plant parts can be used either in their natural form, or prepared as tablets, capsules, powders, tinctures and other forms.
Herbal supplements contain either all elements occurring in the plant, or only one or two of the isolated and successfully extracted components.
Many plants have several active ingredients that interact with each other, creating a therapeutic effect.
In some plants the individual active substances are not clearly identified, and therefore it is necessary to achieve therapeutic effect taking the whole herb.
Of the hundreds of drugs that appear to renewed interest in phytotherapy, is usually used to treat chronic or minor health problems.
Herbs - Medicinal plants are often used to achieve or maintain good health, such as strengthening the immune system to maintain low cholesterol levels and preventing fatigue.

Herbs and medicinal plants in the herbarium