Hawthorn (herb-berry) benefits and heart

Hawthorn (herb-berry) benefits and heart

If your doctor has some heart disease, you may want to know what most of the hawthorn. Hawthorn, used for centuries as a diuretic agent and a cure for kidney and urinary stones, hawthorn is now a popular drug for heart problems.

Hawthorn is either a shrub or tree growing to a height of 9 meters. For centuries, the hawthorn planting and trimming a hedge around gardens and fields. Meets the two tasks, and looks pretty discouraging intruders. Blooming beautiful white flowers and red malvi????ky born jubilantly, but also has large spines (one legend says that Christ's crown was Uvita of thorny branches of hawthorn).

Knowledge of the beneficial effects of hawthorn in protecting against heart disease is very spread among people in different times and countries - from the ancient Greeks to American Indians, who thought the plant acting as a powerful heart medicine. The modern use of hawthorn put in 19 century Irish physician Dr. D. Green of Ennis, who had great success in treating heart disease. Green your heart medicine strictly kept, and only after his death in the nineties of the 19th century revealed that his "secret" cure the tincture of hawthorn fruit.

The most common application of hawthorn

Hawthorn soothes chest pains of angina pectoris, lowers high blood pressure in patients with heart disease improves the performance of the heart muscle, regulates the arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat).

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