Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil

Australian inhabitants have been using the leaves of a plant called Melaleuca (Tea tree) for centuries. Today, the tea tree oil is known as antisepticum effective against bacteria and virus illnesses all over the world.

Tea tree oil, Melaleuca alternifolia, smells pleasantly as nutmeg. It is the best remedy against infections produced out of herb melaleuca vegetating only in Australia (it is not similar to Camelia - the source of black and green tea). High quality oil extracted by steam distillation contains minimally 40 % of active substances with healing qualities – chemic terpineol – and less than 5 % of cineol – substance irritating skin in large amount. After World War II, when antibiotics became demanded, this oil lost its popularity. Thanks to latest research, its production was reestablished. Today, more than 700 tonnes a year is produced.

Most frequent utilization of Tea Tree

Tea tree oil is considered as disinfection; supports healing of lesions and scars, and fasten healing of insect bite (including bee sting). It heals mold diseases on feet and nails. And it is effective for yeast diseases.

Tea Tree Oil – effects and treatment

Melaleuca oil is sold as tea tree oil in all sorts of forms. Sometimes, it might be used to cure infection skin diseases. Application on skin disables creation of pathogenic molds. According to few studies, this oil eliminates creation of certain kinds of bacteria immune to strong antibiotics. Physicians describe tea tree oil as substance binding on skin fat what fasten the interference against infections.

Tea tree and its main effects: Antiseptic qualities of melaleuca oil are utilized to heal small lesion and excoriation including insect bite. The oil also helps in prevention from infection and reduces the possibility of further scarring. As anti –molding source cures mold such as Trichophyton which causes athletic feet (molds between fingers and on feet) and also causes groin and genitals infection, or nail mold infection. Tea tree also affects mold named Candia albicans and Trichomonas vaginalis which cause irritating vaginal infections. Molds are able to resist to dietary supplement, therefore physicians must prescribe classic medicine.

Tea tree and its other beneficial effects: Melaleuca oil might reduce creation of acne. According to one study, gel containing 5% of tea tree oil had the same results against acne as cleaning water containing 5% of benzoylperoxid, an active substance. Tea tree oil had fewer contraindications – there was less irritation and dried skin. Other study had shown, extract containing 5% of tea tree protects from mold Pityrosporum ovale which causes creation of dandruff. This oil could be recommended to cure verruca, a virus illness, but this statement is not declared by scientific researched.

How to use Tea tree

The dosage of tea tree oil: In therapy of feet molds (athletic feet): Apply one or two drops of oil twice or three times a day on lesions. One can also use cream or gel containing tea tree oil.

Treatment of yeast infections of woman genitals: Insert vaginal cion or globule every 12 hours and continue with the treatment several days. Melaleuca oil is not for internal use. If this oil is mistakenly swallowed, find doctor’s help immediately. Unlikely, this oil might cause allergic skin eczema. Before using the oil for the first time, apply little bit of oil on your skin. Reddish skin indicates an allergic reaction. If this reaction appears, dilute the oil with any calming oil, for example almond oil and repeat the test on other hand. If no reaction appears, use only dilution of oils.

Tea tree oil – facts and advices

According to the latest study, tea tree oil (similar to mint or cinnamon leaves) is toxic for head louse disease. However, more research is needed to be sure about the desinfestation on human, especially children.

According to Switzerland scientists, tea tree oil is magical remedy effective for bacteria creating dental caries. However, do not ever swallow tea tree oil, because it is dangerous. Tooth paste containing tea tree oil supposed to be harmless while it contains only bare quantity of this oil. Therefore, it is poorly effective.

Many of the best shampoo and cosmetic products intended for skin contain tea tree oil. But this amount is too small to have any anti-bacterial effects.

Contra indications of Tea tree oil

Even though tea tree oil might cause little skin irritation, it is a harmless. As other kinds of oil, it might irritate eyes and respiratory system mucosa.

Notifications about Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is supposed to be used only for topical use. Do not ever swallow it or avoid any eye contact! If one has any health difficulties, it is recommended to consult the usage of tea tree oil with his physician.

Tea tree oil – Additional information

Tea tree oil is commonly added to all sorts of cosmetic products for his anti-bacterial qualities.

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