Uncaria Tomentosa (Cat’s Claw) benefits and side effects

Uncaria Tomentosa (Cat’s Claw) benefits and side effects

However cat’s claw - Uncaria tomentosa is used in medicine only since 1980, Indians has been applying this plant to heal lesions, to cure stomachache, pain, joint pain, to help in therapy of cancer and other diseases. Cat’s Claw (Uncaria tomentosa) is utilizable for its bark and root.

In the Amazon rainforests, a ligneous voluble plant with two inflexed thorns reminiscent to cat’s claws. Drug gained out of Uncaria’s bark or root is known as Cat’s claw (Uncaria tomentosa). Although many plants related to Uncaria, only two specific kinds are used in medicine – Uncaria tomentosa and Uncaria guianensis originally from Brazil and Peru. Huge pieces of Uncaria bark are easily seen at American provincial marketplace.

Most frequent utilization of Cat’s Claw - Uncaria tomentosa

Uncaria tomentosa (Cat's Claw) might strengthen immunity; therefore, it is used as side medicine for difficult infection, for example sinusitis. Uncaria helps to cure cancer and reduce chronic pain, especially pain caused by joint inflammation.

Uncaria tomentosa – treatment and effects

Latest studies have found several effective substances in Uncaria. These substances increase the immunity system activity and prevent from inflammation. This explains reasons Uncaria is used to cure cancer, infections, dysentery, ulcers, and other infection and inflammation illnesses. Unfortunately, clinical evidence is still unable to support such statements.

Uncaria and its main effects: Physicians in Germany and Austria who tested many substances contained in Uncaria have found that few of them have beneficial effects on human organism immunity system, lower the risk of cancer, and help patients after chemotherapy. These substances found in 1970 and studied for many years now were described as prokyanidolic oligomers which were tested on animals and prevent from creation of cancerous spores. In 1980, German scientists have identified other substances in Uncaria which strengthen immunity and stimulate phagocytes absorbent of viruses and infections. In 1993, an Italian study has described a group of substances named glycosides of quinine acid with many beneficial effects such as antioxidant, viruses destroying, anti-inflammation, anti-cancerous. Uncaria is bale to kill infection such as secondary sinus nasals inflammation.

Other effects of Uncaria: Generally, Uncaria is considered as pain killer. Considering its anti-inflammation effects, it might effectively reduce joint difficulties caused by arthritis. Explorative research have declared, using dietary supplements containing Uncaria together with medicine prescribed patients suffering from AIDS can help to strengthen immunity; therefore might people infected with HIV. Some physicians admonish of using Uncaria by people afflicted with chronic diseases such as tuberculosis, multiple sclerosis or rheumatic arthritis. They suppose, overstimulation of immunity system might worsen the symptoms of such diseases. However, other scientists recommend Uncaria to patients with autoimmunity illnesses including rheumatic arthritis or lupus. More research must be done before the truth will be found out.

How to use Uncaria tomentosa

Uncaria is recommended to use 1 tablet containing 250 mg standard extract of Uncaria twice a day. It might be used 1 to 2 ml (20 to 40 drops) of tincture also twice a day. In crude form, this substance is available in capsules containing 500 or 1000 mg should be used twice per day. Tea of dried pieces of Uncaria tomentosa bark or root is ordinarily available in stores with healthy food. The daily dosage is three cups of tea.

Instructions for use: The usage of Uncaria might be combined with other medicine stimulating immunity system, for example Echinacea. Uncaria is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women while it might cause abortion. It should not be used as birth control.

Uncaria – information and advices

Even though the root of Uncaria contains more active substances than bark, bark is used more often for ecological reasons. The plant can grow after removing the bark. Standardized bark extract contains necessary level of active substances. Uncaria extract is considered as very effective; therefore is available only with doctor’s prescription in Germany and Austria.

Buy only standardized products containing 3% alkaloids and 15% polyphenols to be sure about using the proper medicine. The best is to buy supplements produced from Uncaria tomentosa or Uncaria guianensis. There are many herbs available on market similar to Uncaria, for example products produced in the USA. They contained plant called Acacia which has the same folk name the Cat’s claw.

Contraindications of Uncaria tomentosa

There only few researched done about Uncaria tomentosa, therefore no side effects nor had statements about toxic dosage been declared yet. Overdosing might cause diarrhea.

Notifications about using Uncaria

Uncaria is dangerous for pregnant or nursing women. Its usage might cause abortion. If you suffer from any health difficulties, consult the usage with your physician first.

Uncaria – additional information

Tablets produced from reddening brown bark of Uncaria tomentosa present natural way to increase immunity.

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