Cranberry, originally from America, is related to cranberries and blueberries. It is generally used in kitchen and also as remedy. In present days, fen-berry widely vegetates in the area of peatery and moorland in Central America, North Europe and North America where it is also grown. Traditionally, crushed berries were applied on lesions and tumors. They were also effective to prevent from scorbute, illness caused by deficiency of vitamin C. Later, these berries were used to treat and prevent from urinal system inflammation. Cranberries have similar but less effective results.

Most frequent utilization of Cranberry

Cranberry cures urinal system infection (especially urinary bladder). It might also help in prevention from such illnesses. It eliminates urinal stench.

Cranberry – treatment and effects

In 1920, it was found that people using Cranberry in high dosage have sourer (cleaner) urine. Cranberry effects are based on creation of hippuric acid which has strong antibiotic effect in urine. Hipurric acid destroys bacteria evoking urinal infection. In later studies have declared, anti-bacterial effects of Cranberry might be result of other qualities of this fruit. It seems, Cranberry determines binding of harmful microorganisms to urinal mucosa cells. This process decreases creation of spores causing urinal infections. Substances with such abilities are contained in Cranberry juices, but not in grapefruit, oranges, mango nor pine-apple.

Cranberry and its main effects: Present research has confirmed the effectiveness of Cranberry in treatment and prevention from urinal system infections. Some studies had shown, daily usage of Cranberry, either in the form of capsules or juices, radically decrease frequency of these illnesses. Women are more inclinable to urinal infections than men. About 30 % women have gone through this disease at least once between the ages of 20 to 40. But there is no reason why men should not use Cranberry to treat the same difficulties. Cranberry also helps to cure urinal infections by relieving from pain, itching and other symptoms. It is important to have in mind; resisting symptoms of urinal infections must be treated by antibiotics to obey further complications. Cranberry juice is safe to use with combination of classic medicaments. It might fasten the process of healing.

Other beneficial effects of Cranberry: Cranberry helps to disinfect urine of stench; therefore it is prosperous for people suffering from stench during incontinence. Cranberry is perfect dietary supplement for its high content of vitamin C.

How to use Cranberry

Cranberry and its dosage: Urinal system infection treatment: Use about 800 mg of Cranberry extract daily. Also sufficient for therapy, it is to drink 500 ml of Cranberry juice, or to use Cranberry tincture according to the instructions. To prevent relapses, decrease the dosage down to 400 mg of Cranberry extract in capsule or 250 ml natural Cranberry juice.

Cranberry and instructions for use: Cranberry is possible to consume on empty stomach or during meal. It is important to drink lots of water during the therapy to increase the effect. However interaction with anabolic has not been declared, an increase of acidity in urine might decreases the effect of other medicaments. It is recommended not to use more herbs at once.

Cranberry – facts and instructions

2 capsules containing 400 mg of Cranberry extract have the same effect as 400 g of fresh fruit.

One wide study has stated in a magazine, American physicians have observed 153 women of the age of 78 who did not have any urinal difficulties. Half of them were drinking 300 ml of natural Cranberry juice daily, the other half consumed placebo. After four to eight weeks, women drinking Cranberry juices had less potential bacterial spores in urine. According to other studies, Cranberry is effective also for younger women.

Adverse effects of Cranberry

No adverse effects of Cranberry are known. Cranberry is harmless to use in pregnancy or during nursing.

Cranberry cannot replace antibiotics in therapy of acute urinal infections. If fever, chill, backache or blood in urine appears, find medical help immediately. It might be symptoms of nephritis and immediate health care is necessary.

Cranberry – additional information

Cranberry is available to buy in capsules or powder.

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