Black cohosh (cimicifuga racemosa) benefits and side effects

Black cohosh (cimicifuga racemosa)  benefits and side effects

Black cohosh is known as one of the nest remedies for women due to healing qualities of its twisted black root for centuries. As original inhabitants as women of first occupants of American territory were dividing Actaea’s root for its natural miraculous effects.

Black cohosh is used to cure various female difficulties. It grows up to 2,5 meters high and is noticeable for its downy white flowerage. Actaea is most widespread in North America where is called “squawroot”. Mostly, this plant is named “black snake root” which is description of this plant’s root. The root contains complex system of natural chemical substances comparable to present day most effective medicaments.

Most common utilization of Black cohosh

Black cohosh is beneficial during the female climacteric, especially for regulating numerous hot flashes. Black cohosh also relieves from menstrual cramps and premenstrual syndrome symptoms. Besides, this plant has anti-inflammation effects, relieves from muscular pain, stuffy nose and cough - the general symptoms of influenza.

Black cohosh – treatment and effectiveness

Physicians prescribe Black cohosh in order to cure menstrual difficulties, pain after child delivery, nerve system failures, and artrodynia. Mainly, this herb is used to relieve from hot flashes during menopause.

Black cohosh/Cimicifuga racemosa and the main effects: Black cohosh is favorite remedy for hot flashes caused by climacteric, vaginal mucosa dryness and other symptoms of the menopause. Scientific studies have declared, Black cohosh might decrease the level of LH (luteotropic hormone) also known as Prolactin (PRL). During climacteric, the level of Prolactin increases which probably causes the hot flashes. Black cohosh contains phytoestrogens, natural substances with similar effect as human estrogens. Phytoestrogens stimulate the hormones in breasts, uterus and elsewhere, and regulates the symptoms of climacteric without increasing the risk of breast cancer or other adverse effects of substitutive hormonal therapy. Some scientists suppose, phytoestrogens might prevent from breast cancer by intercepting human estrogens from intruding into breast tissues.

Black cohosh and other beneficial effects: Black cohosh fasten and simplified blood flow which is necessary during or after child delivery. It stabilizes hormonal level and therefore it might help women suffering from premenstrual syndrome. However, vitex presents more effective remedy in this case. Black cohosh might have sedative and anti-inflammatory qualities, although not very effective. These qualities could only be prosperous in therapy of muscular pain or nerve diseases such as Ischia or similar neuralgias. Due to the ability relieving stuffy nose, Actaea is commonly prescribed to treat cough or tinnitus.

Black cohosh dosage instructions

Capsules or tablets should contain standardized amount of 2,5% of triterpenes – active substances of Actaea. To prevent from menstrual cramps premenstrual difficulties: Use 40 mg of Black cohosh twice per day. The therapy of premenstrual difficulties should begin a week to ten days before expected period. To relieve from menstrual pain: Use 40 mg of extract three or four times per day.

Black cohosh – usage instruction: It is possible to take Black cohosh anytime during the day. Using Actaea during a meal prevents from stomachache. The results should be apparent after four to eight weeks. Some physicians recommend, the treatment should not last than six weeks. However, the latest studies did not state any adverse or dangerous effects evoked by prolonging the therapy.

Black cohosh – facts and instructions

Dried root boiled in water for 20 to 30 minutes provides very effective tea. Foments soaked in Black cohosh tea help to calm muscular and arthral pain.

Although Black cohosh is equally effective as any substitutive hormonal remedies, there is no evidence declaring that Black cohosh is also effective cure for osteoporosis.

Actaea was on of the main components of herbal mixture of Lydia Pinkham. This mixture is sold in the USA until today.

Black cohosh – contraindications and side effects

Although Actaea is not toxic, it might evoke stomach sicknesses occasionally. According to one study, it might cause a weight gain or giddiness to some women. It might also lower a blood pressure. Enormously excessive dose might evoke headache, abnormal perspiration, slow pulse, sickness and dizziness.

Notifications about Black cohosh

It is strictly prohibit using Black cohosh during pregnancy and nursing. Herbal derivative might interfere with classic medicaments, for example hormonal birth control. If you suffer from high blood pressure, omit using Actaea entirely, while it lowers the pressure. If you have any other heath difficulties, consult using Black cohosh with your physician.

Black cohosh – additional information

The Actaea’s root is dried, crush into powder and sold in the form of capsules.

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