Milk thistle and liver

Milk thistle and liver

Milk thistle was used for his remedial effectiveness in antic Greece and Rome. Over 300 scientific works have been posted until today. All of them confirmed beneficial effects of this plant, especially in therapy of liver diseases. Milk thistle, also called Silybum marianum, belongs to aster tribe, has purple flowers and snowy white grain on leaves. It grows from June to August and in the end of summer, its seeds are gathered for medical purposes.

Utilization of Milk thistle

Milk thistle protects livers from toxic substances including medicaments or chemic injurants. It cures hepatic diseases, especially cirrhosis and hepatitis. It reduces damages caused by consummation of alcohol. IT also helps to cure and prevent from gallstones, and is effective in therapy of psoriasis.

Milk thistle – treatment and effectiveness

Milk thistle is one of the most perused and documented remedial plants. Scientific research of Milk thistle effectiveness on hepatic diseases still continues. The most effective substance contained in this plant is silymarine representing four to six percent of green seeds.

Main effects of Milk thistle: The main effect of Milk thistle is strengthening liver functions. Liver is one of the most important organs in human body; it process nutrients including fats and other components of food, it neutralizes injurants such as alcohol, drugs, medicaments and chemical food adulterants. Milk thistle helps to protect liver by regulating glutathione consumption, compound similar to amino acids and essential for detoxic processes. Milk thistle represents a strong antioxidant, even more effective than vitamin C or E in prevention from damaging cells by reactive free radical molecules. Milk thistle supports regeneration of new healthy liver cells which are replacing the old ones. It is effective in therapy of serious hepatic infections and diseases such as cirrhosis. This plant is sometimes used in a hospital at department of intensive care to cure intoxication after consuming toxic mushrooms.

Other effective qualities of Milk thistle: Patients with cancer are threatened by serious damages of liver caused by consuming all sorts of medicaments and by chemotherapy. Milk thistle reduces this damage and fastens regeneration processes cleaning organism from toxic substances. Milk thistle calms inflammations and slows creation of cutaneous cells inflicted by psoriasis. Milk thistle might be prosperous in therapy of endometriosis, inflicting women impotence, while it helps livers to process hormone called estrogen which causes pain and other symptoms of endometriosis. Milk thistle might also cure and prevent from gallstones, helps to improve outflow of choler and digestive juices full of cholesterol from liver to intestines where it helps to digest fats.

How to use Milk thistle

The dosage of Milk thistle: Recommended dosage is 200 mg of standardized extract (containing 70 to 80 % of silymarine) three times per day. This herb is often combined with other remedial plants such as dandelion, chopin, metion, or inozitol. Such combinations are generally named “hepatic complex” or “lipotropic factors” (Lipotropic means, a substance is able to metabolize fats and prevent from creation of fat cells in livers). The precise dosage is stated on the sticker.

Instructions for use: Milk thistle extract is best to consume between meals. Remedial powder is also suitable to add to morning cereals. Beneficial effects of Milk thistle are observable after one or two weeks. However, chronic diseases might take more time to be able to feel the results. Milk thistle is probably harmless for pregnant and nursing women. No interactions with other medicaments are known.

Milk thistle – facts and instructions

Milk thistle components are not soluble in water; therefore tea made of its seeds does not contain many effective substances protecting liver. To be sure about the dosage, products should contain 70 to 80 % of silymarine – the active substance of Milk thistle.

Milk thistle might help in therapy of melanoma. Scientists had found, application of silymarine on mouse skin decreased the number of tumors by 75% after experimental irradiation during one study.

Milk thistle – contraindications

Milk thistle represents one of the safest remedial plants on market with no adverse effects. Perhaps, it might cause laxative effect in the first few days of usage.

Notifications about Milk thistle

Every hepatic failure must be qualified by medical opinion. If you have any health difficulties, consult usage of milk thistle with your physician first.

Milk thistle – additional information

The powder extract of milk thistle seeds is available on market usually in capsules containing silymarine, a substance protecting liver.

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