Evening Primrose Oil and GLA

Evening Primrose Oil and GLA

American natives had taught the first immigrants to recognize remedial herbs. Present research has concentrate on the Evening Primrose oil. The seeds of this flower contain unique fatty acid - Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA). This wild herb originally came from North America. It is called “Evening” Primrose because its yellow petals open only by sunset. Although the herb itself and its root has been globally used to heal all sorts of diseases and illnesses such as – bruises, piles, sore throat, roup, stomachache – for centuries, its seeds oil is used only for a short time. GLA is necessary acid for human body where the acid changes into substances similar to hormones so called prostaglandin that control lots of human body functions. Human body is able to synthesize GLA from other kinds of lipids. However, no nutritive has valuable amount of GLA. Evening Primrose oil is only concentrated source of GLA; 7 to 10% of its fatty acids constitute GLA. Few herbs have even higher percentage of GLA; black currant contains 14 to 19% and Borago officinalis 20 to 26%. However, such herbs with higher percentage of GLA contain also other fatty acids that worsen absorption of GLA.

Most frequent usage of Evening Primrose oil

Evening Primrose oil defuses pain resulting from Rheumatoid arthritis, minimalizes symptoms of diabetic nerve damages, heals eczema, and helps to heal menstrual problems of endometriosis. Evening Primrose oil also decreases acne signs, rosacea and pain arising from pulled muscle.

Treatment and Effects

Human body produces many prostaglandins; some increases inflammatory reaction and some kill it. GLA turns into important anti-inflammatory prostaglandins which is the main curative effect of this food supplement. GLA is also an important component of ectoplast.

Evening Primrose Oil Precaution:
GLA in Evening Primrose Oil inhibits the process of diabetic neuropathy and nerve failure which are the symptoms of diabetes – sugar beet. The research has shown patients afflicted with initial phase of such disease have defused feelings of apathy, poignancy and other symptoms after one year of using Evening

Primrose oil more than any other kinds of recommended placebo. Whence it follows that Evening Primrose oil is effectual in fighting a diabetic neuropathy.

Evening Primrose oil and its beneficial effects:
Evening Primrose oil is extremely effective to heal eczema; allergic skin illness that is generally occurring when human organism is having difficulties with conversion of fats into GLA. According to some studies, patients states Evening Primrose Oil kills the itching after 3 to 4 months of using it better than steroid creams with adverse effects. In addition, some academic works state Evening Primrose oil can be effective to cure menstrual problems, especially pain and endometriosis. Evening Primrose oil inhibits inflammation prostaglandins which cost menstrual cramps. Also, this oil modulates premenstrual breast pain and for some women, it can play a key role in infertility therapy. Furthermore, rheumatic arthritis is distinctive for edemas and knuckles pain. According to some studies, these symptoms are improved by usage of supplements containing Evening Primrose oil or other sources of GLA. Evening Primrose oil can also beneficially influence other diseases, for example acne rosacea, acne and muscle cramps.

Recommended dosage of Evening Primrose Oil

Recommended medical dosage of Evening Primrose oil is usually 1.000 mg three times per day. This dosage supply human body with 240 mg of GLA daily. To supply body with such amount of GLA, one has to use 1.000 mg of Borago officinalis oil or 1.500 mg of black currant oil per day. Evening Primrose oil and Borago officinalis oil can be also used on fingers to modulate symptoms of Raynaud’s disease.

How to use Evening Primrose oil

Evening Primrose oil and other resources of GLA supposed to be used during meal to increase absorbing.

Possible side effects of Evening Primrose oil

According to academic research, 2% of ill people affirm, the usage of Evening Primrose oil can provoke flatulence and indigestion. Using the oil during meal can radically decrease these ailments.

New founding of Evening Primrose oil

According to studies, GLA in Evening Primrose oil help 60 patients afflicted with eczema to modulate itching and drip. Patients in the researched group have been taking 274 mg per day (an amount contained in seven capsules of 1.000 mg of Evening Primrose oil) for 12 weeks. Medical check-up done every each four weeks had confirmed progressive elimination of symptoms stated by patients.

Studies of the University of Massachusetts showed, high dosage of GLA in Borago officinalis (2,4 g per day) lowers damages of knuckles costs by rheumatic arthritis. The final effect is elimination of pain and intumescences.

Notifications before usage of Evening Primrose Oil

Epileptics have to consult using the Evening Primrose oil with their doctor before initiation of the treatment. Overdose can cause an epileptic fit. If a patient has other medical difficulties, he is advised to consult using Evening Primrose oil with his doctor.

Additional information about Evening Primrose Oil

Although the Evening Primrose oil is available as a liquid, it is recommended to use it as capsules or gel, as it is more comfortable for dosage and usage.

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