Grape seed extract

Grape seed extract

Grape seed extract is thanks to its antioxidant effects generally more effective than vitamin C or E, and it is healthy for heart and reducing a cancer risk. Grape seed extract of blue grapes has become one of the main medicines in Europe. It belongs to the group of natural substances so called flavonoid-antioxidants; which protect human body cells from deformation of unsteady oxygen molecules called radicals. Grape seeds contain oligomeric proanthocyanidin complexes (OPC). It is generally assumed, OPC play a key role in prevention process of cardiac diseases and cancer. Pyknogenol is derived name from trade mark for specified OPC gained from bark of special pine-tree (Pinus pinaster). This kind of OPC can compensate OPC of grape seeds, however it is more expensive and majority of specialist agree, it is not worth the expense.

Most frequent usage of Grape seed extract

Grape seed extract heals vascular failures, protects eyes from insult, lowers a risk of cancer and cardiac diseases, and decreases a damage of collagen in skin.

Treatment and Effects of Grape seed extract

Grape seed extract has positive influence on blood-vessels. It is not a coincidence that effective components of the extract are the main part of the most common medicine subscribed for vascular failure diseases in West Europe. Grape seed extract is combined of two components; one is instant in fats and second is instant in water; therefore it can filter into all cellular diaphragms and enforce antioxidant protection to all tissues. Continuously, it is one of few substances able to filter through meninx from blood to brain. This means, it can protect brain cells from radicals.

Main beneficial effects of Grape seed extract:
Grape seed extract has a power to strengthen blood-vessels and therefore it not only reduces the cardiac and brain accidents risks, but also strengthens week and frail capillary, and escalates the blood flow especially in limbs. Continually, lots of specialists prescribe this extract as useful supplement for patients afflicted with all kinds of vascular poverty and reduced vascular endurance. Such problems arise with diabetes, varicose, some kinds of impotence, and reduce impressibility of arms and legs. It also influences casual cramps in limbs.

Grape seed extract effects the thinnest blood-vessels – capillary, therefore it can have prosperous influence on bloodstream in eyes. The extract is often recommended as nutritive supplement for regeneration of yellow spot and cataract – two most frequent causes of blindness of old people. Grape seed extract is also prosperous for people working constantly with computer. Most doctors recommend the extract for its anti-cancerous effects and for regenerating genetic material that could potentially cost a tubercular rudiment.

More prosperous activity:
Grape seed extract helps to keep and strengthen collagen in skin. Therefore it is often used as a component of cosmetic creams adapting the elasticity of skin. Another beneficial influence of this extract is modulation of allergic exposures. Because the extract can fight back substances causing allergic reactions, especially histamine, it can illuminate allergic exposures of corasthma (hay-fever) and urticaria (rose-rash). Grape seed extract also blocks prostaglandin releasing; substances partaking the inception of allergic reactions, pain, inflammation, menstrual failures and mainly endometriosis.

Recommended daily dosage of Grape seed extract

It is recommended to use 100 mg per day as antioxidant. For medical reasons is normal dose 200 mg per day. The best supplements are containing 92 to 95 % of proanthocyanidin or OPC.

How to use Grape seed extract

After 24 hours, human body disposes only of 28 % of active components of seed extract. Thus, it is important to take a dose of grape seed extract every day at the same time. Especially, if one uses it as a medicine.

Possible side effects of Grape seed extract

There are no stated or described side effects or any other toxic reactions arising from usage of Grape seed extract.

New findings of Grape seed extract

Explorative university studies declare, pine-tree bark extract containing the same components as grape seeds can have the same anti-condensable effects as aspirin. Therefore, it can reduce the threat of cardiac and brain attacks. During one test, doctors have dosed 38 smokers who were inclinable to creation of thrombocytes causing such diseases either the bark of pine-three extract or aspirin. They have found out that both medicines were effectual. However, bark of pine-three extract did not caused any side effects as irritation of stomachic mucosa and higher risk of internal bleeding.

Notifications before usage of Grape seed extract

Patients having any medical problems should consult using the Grape seed extract with their doctor before initiation of the treatment.

Additional information about Grape seed extract

Grape seed oil (different from the extract) can also be beneficial. Oil dosed with daily meal increases HDL (active cholesterol) and can be used instead of other cooking oils.

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