Ascorbic acid - Vitamin C

Ascorbic acid - Vitamin C

Vitamin C is best known and most popular of all vitamins and also the most widely used dietary supplement. The true extent of its beneficial effects may also surprise those who know his versatility.

Already in 1742 the known effect of lemon juice in preventing scurvy, comprehensive disease, which narrowed the most sailors on long voyages, but only in 1928 was identified in lemon juice own active ingredient - vitamin C. Its chemical name is derived precisely from his ability prevent kurdějím - scurvy - ascorbic acid. Today's focus on the vitamin concentrate more on his ability to protect tissue cells rather than on its effects in the treatment and prevention of scurvy. As the primary water soluble antioxidant vitamin C helps fight damage caused by the organism in the unstable oxygen molecules called free radicals. It operates mainly inside the cells, which is the largest water content.

The most common application of vitamin C

Vitamin C enhances immunity, reduces symptoms and shortens the duration of colds, accelerates the healing of wounds, maintain healthy gums, helps in the treatment of asthma. Vitamin C also helps in the prevention of cataracts (cataract) and protects against some forms of cancer and heart disease.

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