Folic Acid vitamin B9 and pregnancy

Folic Acid vitamin B9 and pregnancy

Folic acid is essential for bodily functions that require cell division. Particularly important is the development of the fetus and helps to create chemicals key to the nervous system. The vast majority of adults receiving this important substance is too low.

Folic acid is a water-soluble vitamin B group, sometimes also called folate or folacin. The body of folic acid can not keep too long, so the daily supplement. Heat treatment and long storage can destroy up to half of the folic acid in foods, so supplementation may help to ensure a sufficient dose of the body.

The most common use of folic acid

Folic acid protects against birth defects. Reduces the risk of some cancers, reduces the risk of heart and vascular disease and stroke. In addition, folic acid can reduce depression in the elderly.

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