Hemorrhoids causes and cure

According to statistics, develop hemorrhoids in more than 50 percent, but many of them know about it at all. Hemorrhoids bother only when the inflamed and enlarged. If there is such a problem, natural remedies can often provide more relief than conventional treatment.
Hemorrhoids are basically enlarged varicose veins in the rectum or the entrance directly in the rectum. Veins are blood vessels which return blood to the heart deprived of oxygen, but sometimes the law of gravity back in the bottom half of the body slows down, so that blood accumulates in the veins, it stretches and weakens their walls. Veins in the rectum are particularly vulnerable - not only because they are in the lower half of the body, but unlike other veins have valves inside the anti-backflow of blood. (Poor or faulty valves cause varicose veins in calves.)
There are two types of hemorrhoids: external and internal. Internal hemorrhoids are formed inside the rectum, causing some bleeding after a bowel movement, but otherwise can be completely free of symptoms. Great hemoroidní nodes tend to prolapse out of the faeces from the rectum and is difficult to push back. External (outside) hemorrhoids encircle the entrance to the rectum and can be very painful, but may eventually disappear by themselves. The pain is usually caused by blood clots and clot cuts off blood supply to the hemorrhoids, the result is that the bundles actually seschnou themselves and disappear.

Symptoms of hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids accompanied by streaks of blood on toilet paper, a painful and bloody stools. Other symptoms of hemorrhoids is rectal itching, painful lump in the rectum, mucous discharge from the anus.

The causes of hemorrhoids disease

The basic cause of hemorrhoids is the strain and tension during movements of the colon, as they develop excessive pressure on the veins in the rectum. Also, being overweight and pregnancy weakens the veins. Experts disagree whether the direct cause constipation, hemorrhoids formation, but at least constipation hemorrhoids worse. According to studies increases the likelihood of frequent diarrhea and hemorrhoids. Moreover, it can contribute to the formation of hemorrhoids long-term persistence in sitting or standing position. The muscles that help propel the blood through the veins, age lose tension, so it is understandable that hemorrhoids are more common in older people. Importance and genetic load.

Treatment of hemorrhoids supplements

The assumption is that you were taking the recommended supplements with a diet rich in fiber to ensure you get enough exercise. Fiber contributes to a larger volume of stools while it softens, so it goes easier. Body movement is important for toning the muscles surrounding the veins and promote normal bowel movements bowel movements.
Unlike the-counter ointments to help the recommended herbs and vitamins to strengthen vein walls to mitigate and minimize irritation.
Try a combination of vitamin C, flavonoids and Ruscus kopitnatého to help strengthen veins and download. The healing of injured (open) can help hemorrhoids zinc, copper is necessary for its long-term administration, since it reduces zinc absorption.
If your diet enough fiber or we have doubts about the sufficiency, take blešníkový plantain or flaxseed. Both effectively facilitate defecation. When painful hemorrhoids, watch them several times a day t????ezalkovou (or hornbeam) ointment, especially after each stool. This ointment helps to bursting swelling.

Suitable nutritional supplements for hemorrhoids

    * Vitamin C 500 mg and 250 mg flavonoids twice daily (If there is diarrhea, reduce the dose of vitamin C)
    * Listnatec kopitnatý extract 150 mg three times daily
    * Zinc 15 mg daily (if you take zinc for longer than a month, add a supplement containing 2 mg of copper)
    * Plantain blešníkový (fiber) a day 1 tablespoon powder in water or fruit juice (make sure you drink water every day more)
    * Flaxseed day 1 tablespoon ground seeds in a large glass of water (Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day)
    * T????ezalková ointment - Apply to the affected area several times a day (the most important application is the stool)

When visiting the doctor with Hemorrhoids

If you notice the first blood on toilet paper, it probably hemorrhoids, but rectal bleeding may have other causes. If bleeding linked to defecation, even if you have hemorrhoids. If the blood is dark, not bright red. If you have a vibrant landscape of rectal pain and may be thrombosis of hemorrhoids.
If you have been diagnosed with hemorrhoids and bleeding hall, there is a risk of iron deficiency anemia. If you have health problems, consult your physician about taking supplements with your doctor.

Hemorrhoids - Facts and Tips

    * If you have hemorrhoids, make sure that you eat a lot of citrus fruits, berries, cherries and onions. They are good sources of fiber and flavonoids, which may strengthen veins.
    * Treatment using tiles from elderberries soothes the swollen veins and may bring relief of pain hemoroidních. Mash a small amount of berries and stir so much hot water to form a paste that you apply to two or three layers of gauze and cover with another layer, attach to compress the rectum and leave in place for several hours.

Recommendations for hemorrhoids

    * Increase fiber content in food that you eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes.
    * Daily Drink at least eight glasses of water. The fluid is important in preventing constipation.
    * Remember to breathe correctly when lifting heavy objects or bowel movements. When a withholding of breath, increase abdominal pressure and damaging the vein.

Additional information on hemorrhoids

Ground flaxseed with water may be used to replace the lack of fiber in the diet in the treatment of hemorrhoids.

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