Impotence - Erectile dysfunction - causes, symptoms and treatment supplements

Impotence - Erectile dysfunction - causes, symptoms and treatment supplements

However, impotence afflicts especially men over 50, younger men may also experience its symptoms. In most cases, the main cause - so called erectile dysfunction is easily relievable. Impotence is characterized by the inability to develop or maintain an erection of the penis sufficient to satisfy sexual needs. An erection is evoked by entering blood into blood-vessels in penis which makes the organ to indurate. The process is usually activated by sexual activity that stimulates brain and spinal nerves; then, these nerves direct to blood-vessels in penis to widen. Difficulties with the erection maintenance are not a reason to worry because a majority of men experience it at least once.

Symptoms of Impotence - Erectile dysfunction

Impotence is a disability to develop or maintain an erection of the penis sufficient to satisfy sexual needs.

Main Causes of the Impotence

The main cause of impotence is circulatory system failures inductive of insufficient blood circulation in penis. Other possible causes of impotence are diabetes, hormonal imbalance, prostatic diseases, or some effects of certain remedies. Only one of ten cases is evoked by mental anguish. While an erection is spontaneously aroused during a sleep, it is easy to determine if the problem has psychological or physical causations. If the problem is psychological, it usually means that a person is going through any kind of stress, and thus, these difficulties are only temporary.

How to treat Impotence using dietary Supplements

Many supplements, if used all at once, modulate the blood circulation inside the penis. Vitamin C plays an important role in maintaining and widening the blood-vessels, so the blood flow may intensify. Omega-3 fatty acids in the fish oil also modulate the blood circulation as well as the linseed oil. Long term therapy might reduce the level of cholesterol and inhibit blood-vessels to narrow. Gingko (gingko biloba) whose effects improve the blood circulation in brain should have the same impact on circulation in penis. An ultrasonic exploration of 60 patients suffering from impotence and using gingko affirmed an improvement in blood circulation in penis after six weeks. And within six months, the symptoms of impotence were eliminated entirely. All dietary supplements must be used in a long term – at least six months – to be able to fully observe their results. Some prosperous effects is possible to experience within one months. These supplements may be used constantly to maintain body in a good shape.

If the cause of the impotence is not blood circulation failure, other supplements might be effective, for example ginseng increases the level testosterone and thus increases sexual intensity (men virility).

Suitable dietary supplements to cure or prevent from the impotence

  • Vitamin C: 500 mg twice a day (if a diarrhea occurs, lower the dosage)
  • Fish oil: two capsules per day
  • Gingko: 80 mg of the extract three times per day
  • Panax ginseng: 100 to 250 mg of the extract twice a day
  • Ginseng: 100 to 300 mg of the standardized extract twice per day (the herb should be replaced with Panax Ginseng every two weeks)
  • Damiana (an aphrodisiac): 1 tea spoon of / 1 cup of hot water (possible to combine with other herbs)

Time to consult erection difficulties with a physician

If a man is unable to develop and maintain erection, he should consult these problems with his physician. If a man is going through any kind of stress or began to take a new medicine, it might have an impact on his sexual performance. If one has any health problems, he should consult using dietary supplements with his physician.

Impotence – facts and suggestions

Various “mixture for men” sold in grocery stores might contain Corynanthe yohimbe which might represent a possible cure for impotence. Unfortunately, these substances contain only a small and ineffective amount of the Corynanthe. Corynanthe itself has very unpleasant adverse effects.

Recommendation relating to the impotence

It is recommended to exercise to improve blood circulation, increase an energy level and limit the stress. Smoking and alcohol consummation radically worsen the symptoms of the impotence. Find a medical help, especially if you experience a depression. Also the usage of Viagra should be consult with a physician to eliminate all possible contraindications.

Additional information about the impotence

Panax Ginseng increases the level of men sexual hormones and thus it helps in therapy of the impotence.

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