Skin Diseases - list, pictures, symptoms, causes and treatment with supplements

Skin diseases afflict any part of human body and their stages and the extent of seriousness might initiate as an irritation and lead to endangering life illnesses. Consuming fruit and vegetables, drinking lots of water and using reasonable amount of medicaments might induce an improvement of such difficulties. Skin is responsible for many functions of human organism. Thus, it is vulnerable to variety of illnesses. Bruises, rash and eczema are common. However, it might be a sign of serious disease in some cases. Some types of skin diseases are the result of the urinary system (intestines, reins, etc.) failure. Eczema, acne, lupus, psoriasis are considered to be skin diseases. Further skin diseases are warts, herpes, sun burns, callus, verruca, and also infectious diseases such as impetigo or scabies.

Skin diseases – signs and symptoms

Skin diseases are characterized by itchy, red, dry, rimose and peeling. Brown spots or color changing skin might occur. Abnormal sensitivity to bruising is also a sign of skin failure.

Possible causes of skin diseases

A food containing lots of fats, sugar and many industrially processed as well as smoking, stress and UV sunrays are a great load for the skin. The dryness of skin might be a genetic cause, or it might be inflicted by the consummation of an impropriate food, overexposure to sunlight or freeze. Dried skin might also be a result of a depression of the thyroid gland function, or the usage of medicaments such as histamine antagonists or diuretics. Eczemas and various rashes are often the causes of an allergic reaction to metals, sun, cosmetic products, plants, food and other substances. Stress might initiate the psoriases. Any liver or kidney disease characterized by improper excretion of toxins might induce eczema or rash. Abnormal creation of bruises might be the result of absence some important nutrients in meals, blood coagulation failures, anemia or obesity. Mainly, it might be the sign of cancer. Ill-fitting shoes might induce calluses and warts.

Skin Diseases – prosperous dietary supplement

To cure dried skin or any eczema, compensate the usage of omega-3 and omega-6 acids in the fish oil or the linseed oil. These oils might relieve from itching and skin inflammation, including erysipelas or psoriasis. The most effective combination of these oils is with antioxidants, such as vitamin C or vitamin E that protect skin from an external insult or free radicals dangerous for healthy cells. These vitamins heal eczemas, rashes, burns and any small lesions. They also suppress any inflammation and mitigate an itching and dried skin. Zinc is very effective in the treatment of dried skin, psoriasis, or acne. If one experiences similar symptoms, it is recommended to use multivitamin or multimineral supplements containing zinc and selenium. Use echinacea to strengthen immunity system, or it might also be applied on eczema, burns or lesions. Evening primrose oil is skin applicable as well.

Tea tree oil and lavender oil are used for skin application to heal insect bite, incised wounds, lesions and their infections. Aloe vera mitigates burns and heals wounded skin. Chamomile cream is effective to relieve from itching and marigold cream from inflammation.

skin diseases – the dosage of dietary supplements

  • Fish oil: 2 capsules daily (if one suffers from blood coagulation, he should consult using fish oil with his physician)
  • Vitamin C: 500 mg per day (if a diarrhea occurs, lower the doses)
  • Vitamin E: 250 mg per day (if one suffers from blood coagulation, he should consult using vitamin E with his physician)
  • Zinc: 15 mg daily (after two months add a dietary supplement containing cuprum)
  • Echinacea: 200 mg three to four times per day (to cure acute infection, use Echinacea every few hours)
  • Evening primrose oil: 1 000 mg twice or three times per day (use during a meal)

When to consult difficulties when a physician

If a skin illness is iterative, it should be attended by a specialist. If the itching is permanent and progressive every day, it could be highly contagious psoriasis (scabies). If one suffers from permanent rash or eczema, it could be the symptoms of shingles (herpes zoester). If one experiences any health difficulties, he should consult using dietary supplements with his physician.

Skin diseases – facts and suggestions

  • To wash hands, use only a tepid water and unparfumed soap, and dry them only by tender touching with a soft towel.
  • Food allergies such as to egg, milk or peanuts might be the cause of child’s eczemas. Allergic tests show, if the cause of an allergic reaction is some kind of food. According to clinical research, the patient’s condition might improve omitting the consummation of milk products and gluten.
  • A tea mixture of dandelion, clover and dock stimulates the functions of kidneys and livers, and helps to excrete toxins out of the organism, and improve the skin visage.

Recommendations relating to skin diseases

  • Drink a lot of water; it helps to discharge poisonous substances which might cause skin diseases.
  • Avoid high fat food and consume more fruit and vegetables, especially carrot (contains beta-carotene) to keep the skin healthy and prevent from acne.

Skin diseases – additional information

Combining capsules of various dietary supplements might improve the health condition and skin visage.

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