Leg ulcers and treatment

Varicose ulcer (ulcrus cruris) is damage to the skin surface. With this type of disease we see very often especially in women. It causes unpleasant medical complications and social and psychological difficulties. Extends into the deeper layers. There is loss and death of skin tissue of the lower limbs, mostly on the ankles, but can also occur on the instep and toes. The cause of tissue loss in the vicinity of leg ulcers are often encountered with the inflammatory process. They form the ugly-looking wounds, the healing usually takes longer than six weeks. By the veins of the lower extremities the blood is not flowing as it should, creating swelling around the ankles and the skin on your shins are poorly nourished. Due to poor blood supply to the skin is thinner, the surface starts to form tiny flakes and pigment spots. Damaged place it is very painful and prone to infection.

Symptoms of venous ulcers

Venous ulcers occur in the lower limbs, mostly in the ankles. J hallmark of so-called scab, which forms around the area of inflammation. This disease can occur as a result of disease and chronic venous insufficiency or in association with arteriosclerotic causes.

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