Approximately one in ten people have ever had a wart. Although usually disappear without treatment, some supplements can hasten healing of unwanted and unsightly defects in the ointment.
Although most warts do not look nice, they are usually harmless. These small growths of skin is made up of districts that had grown faster than healthy tissue around it and harden as a result of viral infection. There are many species, from common warts on the fingers and back of hands after the warts on soles. Warts that appear on the genitals, are considered more serious illnesses, they are likely to be associated with an increased risk of skin cancer of the cervix and penis.

Symptoms of Warts

Warts can grow individually and in whole groups, sometimes they can itch or cause discomfort, but usually are not painful. Common warts: Flat growths, usually slightly darker than the skin, usually on the skin of the hands and fingers. Verucca plantaris: flat bumps on the feet like corns. Genital warts: usually �?ervenor????ové soft growths with "blooming" header, the genital and anal areas.

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