Atopy - Definition, Treatment and Atopic attack

What is Atopy and Definition

A genetically predisposed HYPERSENSITIVITY REACTION. Atopy is typically chronic. The most common forms of atopy are

  • atopic ASTHMA, which affects the airways (bronchi)
  • atopic DERMATITIS, which affects the SKIN
  • atopic rhinitis, which affects the nasal passages (nose)
  • atopic CONJUNCTIVITIS, which affects the membranes that line the eyelids (conjunctiva) and the sclera (white) of the EYE

Symptoms, Treatment and Atopic Attack

The symptoms of atopic conditions are the classic symptoms of ALLERGY, though tend to appear at the slightest exposure to allergens and linger for an extended time. Atopy is a type I or IMMUNOGLOBULIN E (IgE) hypersensitivity reaction that occurs fairly immediately after exposure to the ALLERGEN. Treatments for atopic conditions target the IMMUNE RESPONSE as well as symptom relief and may include oral and topical ANTIHISTAMINE MEDICATIONS and CORTICOSTEROID MEDICATIONS. Avoiding known or suspected allergens significantly reduces the severity of an atopic attack.

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