Orchitis - infection - definition, symptoms and treatment

Orchitis - infection - definition, symptoms and treatment

What is Orchitis and Definition

Orchitis - INFLAMMATION of one testicle or both TESTICLES, often due to INFECTION. Bacterial infection may result from SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES (STDS) such as GONORRHEA or SYPHILIS. MUMPS, a viral INFECTION that primarily affects the SALIVARY GLANDS, is a common cause of orchitis, particularly when the mumps VIRUS infects adult men.

Symptoms of Orchitis infection

The symptoms of orchitis are PAIN and swelling of the involved testicle. The diagnostic path includes physical examination of the SCROTUM and testicles and sometimes ULTRASOUND to rule out other causes of similar symptoms such as TESTICULAR TORSION, HYDROCELE, or VARICOCELE.

Treatment Orchitis infection

Treatment with ANTIBIOTIC MEDICATIONS is necessary when the infection is bacterial. NONSTEROIDAL ANTI-INFLAMMATORY DRUGS (NSAIDS) relieve pain and inflammation regardless of the cause. Resting in a reclining position or wearing an athletic supporter also provides relief. A complication of orchitis may be testicular atrophy (reduced size of the affected testicle), which may affect SPERM production and FERTILITY. An atrophied testicle also presents an increased risk for TESTICULAR CANCER, making routine TESTICULAR SELF-EXAMINATION prudent.


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