Chromium supplement - what is, uses, dosage and side effects

Chromium supplement - what is, uses, dosage and side effects

What is Chromium - picolinate / polynicotinate

Chromium is a microelement effective as slimming substance, organ keeper, and beneficial remedy in therapy of diabetes and heart diseases. It is an important substance for growth and proper functioning of the organism. Chromium has several chemic forms. Dietary supplements usually contain chromium methyl-pyridine or chromium poly-nicotinate. Other type of the Chromium compound is contained in brewing yeast. Many people eat food low in Chromium, therefore they need to use proper dietary supplements.

Chromium – utilization

Chromium is fundamental for saccharine, fats and proteins fission, helps to regulate normal level of glucoses (blood sugar), and lowers the values of cholesterol and LDL cholesterol and triglycerides in organism.

Chromium – benefits and effectiveness

Chromium helps the organism to utilize insulin, hormone that transfers the glucoses into cells where it is changed into energy needed. If the organism has optimal value of Chromium, it is able to regulate the level of sugar in blood. Furthermore, Chromium partakes in proteins and fats absorption.

Prevention: Sufficient Chromium dosage might prevent from diabetes for people resistant to insulin. This means, the pancreas has to be able to produce more and more insulin. If the pancreas is unable to supply the organism with sufficiency of insulin, the diabetes progresses to type II. Chromium might suppress this progress because it helps to absorb insulin properly. In the fats fission, Chromium lowers the level of LDL cholesterol and increases the HDL cholesterol level. Thus, it lower the risk of heart attacks. Chromium mitigates headaches, nervosa and other symptoms of hypoglycemia (low level of glucoses) and prevent from this illness. Chromium helps diabetics to control the level of blood sugar.

Chromium – recommended dosage

Certain daily dosage of Chromium is not specified, but the specialists suggest the usage of 50 to 200 mcg to prevent from Chromium insufficiency.

Chromium insufficiency: Chromium deficiency might cause improper sugar absorption. This insufficiency is probably not the initial cause of diabetes. However, it might initiate the process to people who are inclinable to this illness and fasten the disease progress. Chromium insufficiency might evoke anxiety a depressions, reducing the amino acids metabolism and increase the LDL cholesterol and triglycerides production.

Chromium surplus: Chromium dietary supplements have probably no side effects even excessively high doses. However, some physicians admonish about overdosing that might cause zinc and ferrum absorption failure. This problem is easily solved with adding zinc and ferrum dietary supplements to the therapy.

Chromium – usage

Chromium content in the dietary supplements is entirely safe and sufficient to keep healthy organism. Mineral dietary supplements in combination with proper diet and regular exercising might help to reduce weight and cause no health difficulties. The dose of 200 mcg per should be used with a meal or at least glass of water to prevent from stomach irritation. Calcite or antacid suppress the Chromium absorption.

Chromium – resources

Most well-known food resources of Chromium are whole-meal cereals, potatoes, plums, peanuts, butter, nuts, brewing yeast, and all kinds of seafood. Low fat diet is mostly richer in Chromium than fatty food.

Chromium – warnings

People with diabetes should consult the usage of Chromium dietary supplements with their physician. Chromium might influence the effectiveness of insulin or other therapy of diabetes. If one experiences any health difficulties, he should consult using dietary supplements with his physician.

Chromium – additional information

Whole-meal bread is a good resource of Chromium.

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