Phosphorus supplement

Phosphorus supplement

Phosphorus in combination with calcium partakes in creation and maintenance of strong and healthy teeth and bones. Furthermore, it plays a key role in energy exchange. Fortunately, the possibility of Phosphorus insufficiency for people is absolutely low.

Phosphorus is the second most frequent mineral in human organism. An average person has 650 g of Phosphorus in the organism. About 85 % of the total Phosphorus content is concentrated in bones and teeth, and the rest is divided into blood and other tissues, especially heart, kidneys, brain and muscles. Phosphorus interacts with many important substances. The rate between calcium and Phosphorus in bones is 2:1. The rate in other tissues is radically higher.

Phosphorus – utilization

Phosphorus partakes in partakes in creation and maintenance of strong and healthy bones, and helps to strengthen tooth enamel.

Phosphorus – benefits and effectiveness

It is hard to find a cell function that does not include Phosphorus. Phosphorus protects cells, strengthens ectoplast, helps to nourish organism, and regulates the functions of hormones and chemical substances. Phosphorus probably activates the vitamin B and initiates its effectiveness.

Main benefits: One of the most important qualities of Phosphorus is its harmonization with calcium during strengthening bones. The harmonization of calcium and Phosphorus is fundamental for healthy teeth. Furthermore, Phosphorus combines with fats and creates compound called phospholipids which play fundamental structural and metabolic role in ectoplast. The transformation of saccharine, fats and proteins into energy would not be possible without Phosphorus presence in the organism. Phosphorus is essential for ATP (adenosine-tri-phosphate) molecule production. ATP is considered to be small battery accumulator supplying all organism cells with energy needed.

Other benefits: Phosphorus helps to coordinate several organism processes such as muscular contractions, nerve impulses transport from brain to all tissues, and hormonal secretion. Proper usage of Phosphorus might increase physical performance and suppresses fatigue. Phosphorus is a mineral essential for acid-basic balance in blood and for nucleic acids – fundamental genetic compounds – production.

Phosphorus – recommended dosage

The recommended daily dosage of Phosphorus is 800 mg per day. In past, some specialists suggested usage of Phosphorus in combination with calcium in rate 1:1. In fact, this rate is absolutely ineffective.

Phosphorus insufficiency: This mineral deficiency might result in bones rarefaction, weak tooth enamel, appetite loss, joint tension, fatigue or increased inalienability to infections. Light deficiency induces light energy decrease.

Phosphorus surplus: This mineral surplus does not cause any serious health difficulties. Long term Phosphorus overdosing might suppresses proper calcium absorption.

Phosphorus – usage suggestions

Majority of people gains the necessary Phosphorus from food. Certain amount might also be contained in combined dietary supplements. If one suffers from this mineral insufficiency resulting from, for example some kidney illness or intestine failure, should consult the proper dosage of Phosphorus with his physician.

Dietary supplements containing only Phosphorus should be used only with medical supervision.

Phosphorus – facts

Aluminums in some antacids might decrease the level of Phosphorus in the organism. If one uses certain medicaments, he should consult the usage of Phosphorus with his physician.

Phosphorus - warnings

In case of heavy kidney or intestine illnesses causing serious Phosphorus insufficiency is necessary proper medical supervision during the Phosphorus dietary supplement therapy.

The highest risk represents the Phosphorus surplus causing calcium absorption failure. Do not use any Phosphorus dietary supplement without a consultation with the physician.

Phosphorus – additional information

However some multivitamin dietary supplements contain Phosphorus, many people gain sufficient amount of Phosphorus from food.

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