Iron supplement

Iron supplement

Surprisingly high number of people do not gain sufficient amount of iron from food. This insufficiency might induce fatigue, muscular tiredness, inability to concentrate, and higher proclivity to infections. On the other hand, surplus of iron in the organism may also be dangerous.

All organs in human body need iron. This mineral is a fundamental element of hemoglobin – part of erythrocytes that transports oxygen to into cells. It is also contained in myoglobin that supplies muscles with oxygen. Furthermore, it is fundamental for number of enzymes and the immunity system. The organism loses iron during bleeding, for example menstrual bleeding lowers the level of iron in organism. Vegetarians, athletes and people with reducing diets suffer from low levels of iron. It is important to control iron income in organism, especially during growth or in pregnancy.

Iron – utilization

Iron is a crucial factor in therapy of anemia. This mineral is especially important in pregnancy or for women with heavy menstrual bleeding.

Iron – Benefits and Effectiveness

Iron helps to supply all muscles with oxygen, and the whole body with energy. Even though the iron insufficiency in organism is for the majority of population rare, the risk is high for women with heavy menstrual bleeding or for people suffering from anemia. Although iron is contained in number of food, not everybody gains sufficient amount of this mineral from food. It is recommended to use proper dietary supplements in order to prevent from this mineral deficiency.

Main benefits: If the level of iron in the organism is optimal, it might strengthen the immunity system, intellect, and viability. Certain studies warn, even a small iron deficiency might evoke light anemia and result in concentration inability.

Iron – Recommended Daily Dosage

The recommended daily dosage for men and for women during menopause is 8,7 mg per day. Younger women are advised to use 14,8 mg of iron without unnecessary increase of doses during pregnancy. In therapy of anemia, the iron income (in food or in dietary supplements) is necessary for many weeks or months.

Iron insufficiency: If one is aware of having low income of iron in food or suffer from heavy bleeding, for example during menstruation cycle, or cancer, he should consider the usage of iron dietary supplements. With low level of iron in blood, the organism is unable to produce erythrocytes. This process result in anemia caused by iron insufficiency and is characterized by fatigue, muscular tiredness, flatulency, fast palpitation, and infection proclivity.

Iron surplus: Some scientist connect iron surplus in the organism to the risk of various chronic illnesses including heart diseases and large intestine cancer. iron surplus is dangerous for people suffering from hemochromatosis – abnormally excessive absorption of iron. Children are especially sensitive to iron overdosing.

Iron – usage suggestions

If a physician does not suggest otherwise, use iron only in form of multivitamin and mineral dietary supplements. Do not overdose the recommended daily dosage. Anemia requires proper diagnosis in order to determine possible treatment. The doctor might prescribe iron in form of gluconate, sulfate or fumarate. The most often recommended dosage is 30 mg three times per day. However, it is suggested to use iron only in multivitamin and mineral dietary supplements to prevent from unnecessary overdosing.

Use iron on empty stomach. If sickness occurs, use iron with small portion of meat or food rich in vitamin C (for example broccoli or lemon juice) that fastens and simplifies the iron absorption.

Iron – resources

Livers, beef or lamb meat belongs to the most preferred sources of iron. Other possible source is seafood, for example oysters or shells. Beans, peas, leafy vegetables, dry fruits (raisins or apricots), or breakfast cereals are alternative sources of iron for vegetarians.

Iron – facts and recommendations

  • Keep all dietary supplements containing iron out of a child’s reach. Only five tablets might kill a small child.
  • Iron dietary supplements might be interfered with antibiotics and other classic medicaments. Make sure to consult the usage with a physician.
  • Women with low level of iron are inclinable to be coldblooded than women with optimal level.

Iron - warnings

Do not use dietary supplements with high content of iron without doctor’s prescription. People might suffer from hemochromatosis, a hereditary disease, without even knowing it. It is characterized by fatigue and joint pain. The usage of dietary supplement containing only iron might only hide the real cause of anemia, for example gastric ulcers, and disable the physician to determine correct diagnosis. If one experiences any health difficulties, he should consult using dietary supplements with his physician.

Iron – additional information

If one needs to increase the level of iron, he should try to eat raisins instead of other sweet courses.

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