The effectiveness of this microelement was found in 1979, selenium is known as a fundamental factor in prevention from various types of cancer. Many scientists consider this mineral to be one of the most effective minerals in therapy of many diseases. Selenium is essential for many processes in human organism. Selenium is stored in livers, kidneys, spleen, pancreas, and testes.

Selenium – utilization

Selenium in combination with the vitamin E prevents from cancer and heart diseases. It protects from cataract and macular degeneration. Selenium is effective in therapy of virous illnesses, mitigates the symptoms of herpes zoster, lupus and other eczemas, and slows down AIDS progress.

Selenium – benefits and effectiveness

Selenium has antioxidant effects suppressing harmful oxygen molecules – free radicals attacking DNA. This mineral is part of the antioxidant enzyme (glutathione peroxidase) that protects cells from toxins contained in food, and is usually comprised in dietary supplements together with vitamin C and E. This combination protects the organism from various illnesses such as cancer, heart diseases, brain strokes, cataract, and macula lutea.

Main benefits: Selenium is an essential mineral in therapy of cancer. According to one study in Arizona, the usage of 200 mcg of selenium per day had lowered the occurrence of prostate cancer down by 63 %, large intestine cancer by 58 %, and lung by 46 %. The research showed, the number of tumors increased and the cancer process was faster to patients with lower values of selenium. Selenium might also prevent from other types of cancer, for example cervix, ovaries, urinary bladder, throat or livers. Selenium might reduce the number of blood sediments and thus, it lowers the risk of heart attack. This mineral also increases the level of beneficial HDL cholesterol and lowers the harmful LDL cholesterol in blood. A regular usage of selenium is most beneficial for smokers and people who had already experienced a heart attack or a brain stroke. However, the usage of cuprum dietary supplements is beneficial for healthy people too.

Other effects: Selenium is effective in prevention from cataract and macular degeneration – two main causes of blindness in later age. Selenium is essential for thyroid hormone transformation. This hormone regulates the metabolism of all body cells from an inactive from to active form. This mineral is also beneficial for the immunity system because it strengthens the organism reaction to bacterial and virous infections. Its effects might slow down the herpetic virus and HIV that causes AIDS. In combination with the vitamin E, selenium has anti-inflammatory qualities helpful in therapy of chronic diseases such as rheumatic arthritis, psoriasis, lupus, or various eczemas.

Selenium – recommended dosage

The recommended daily dosage of selenium is 65 mcg for both men and women. However, the doses on certain therapies could be higher (up to 200 mcg).

Selenium insufficiency: Permanent low intake of selenium might evoke high risk of cancer, heart disorders, immunity system failures and variety of inflammations. Selenium insufficiency in pregnancy increases the risk of inborn defects or even the risk of the child’s death. Frequent symptoms of this mineral deficiency are fatigue and muscular tiredness.

Selenium surplus: It is difficult to gain excessive amount of selenium from food. The proper sage of selenium dietary supplements includes doses in the rate of 200 mcg to toxic dose of 900 mcg. The overdosing or intoxication is characterized by nervosa, depressions, sickness and vomiting, or hair loss.

Selenium – usage suggestions

The majority of physicians agree, the optimal daily dose of selenium is 100 to 200 mcg per day. It is possible to use up to 600 mcg of selenium for unlimited time period as a therapy of infections or cancer. Vitamin E increases the selenium effectiveness.

Selenium – resources

The richest sources of selenium are para nuts, seafood, poultry and meat. Whole seeds, cereals, and brown rice are other possible food containing this mineral.

Selenium – facts and recommendations

According to latest studies, selenium helps relatively fast cells to grow and slows down the process of meronecrosis. The scientists assume, its anti-cancerous qualities might be equally fast.

Selenium and vitamin E are equally effective antioxidants, and their insufficiency might change latent and inactive virus into an active form evoking various illnesses. This fact helps to explain the effectiveness of selenium in therapy of herpes zoster and other herpes.

Selenium - warnings

Do not overdose the recommended dosage. Long term overdosing of the selenium (toxic dose is 900 mcg) might cause eczema, sickness, hair loss, or depressions. If one experiences any health difficulties, he should consult using dietary supplements with his physician.

Selenium – additional information

Para nuts are rich in selenium. One nut contains up to 120 mcg of this mineral. Other source is kidneys. One mutton kidney contains 50 mcg of selenium.

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