Potassium chloride supplement

Potassium chloride supplement

Potassium chloride supplement - People who suffer from high blood pressure know how important is to reduce salt in food. Everybody should control proper income of Potassium. It is possible to check the level of Potassium through a blood pressure test; low blood pressure indicates low level of Potassium.

Potassium is third most often chemical element in the organism after calcium and phosphor. The Potassium is an electrolyte, a substance absorbing positive and negative impulses, if it is solute in blood. Sodium and chlorides are also electrolytes the organism needs to regulate the values of to perform many fundamental functions. Almost all Potassium in the organism occur inside cells.

Potassium Chloride supplement - utilization

Potassium helps to reduce the blood pressure, helps in prevention from high blood pressure and reduces the risk of heart attacks and brain strokes.

Potassium – benefits and effectiveness

Together with other electrolytes, Potassium transmit nerve impulses, initiate muscular contractions and regulates heart palpitation and blood pressure level. Potassium control the level of fluids in cells and sodium regulates the content of fluids outside the cells, therefore both these minerals regulate the content of fluids in the organism. Potassium also helps in blood sugar transformation into glycogen – form of energy storable in livers and muscles. Potassium represent a natural diuretic helping the organism to discharge toxins produced in metabolism.

Prevention: A scientific study had shown, people eating food rich in Potassium had lower level of blood pressure than people who eat only food containing almost none Potassium. The scientists were testing 54 patients. Half of them eat normal food and the others ate food rich in Potassium. After a year, 81 % of the other half could reduce the income of classic medicaments lowering high blood pressure.

Other beneficial effects: Lowering high blood pressure ability also means reducing the risk of heart attacks and brain strokes. The frequency of fatal brain failures lowered by 40 % to people eating food rich in Potassium every day. Men who used Potassium in maximal doses had two times lower possibility of acute brain strokes than men who ate food with minimal content of this mineral. The risk was five times lower for women.

Potassium - recommended dosage

Recommended daily dosage of Potassium is 2000 to 3500 mg for both men and women. Potassium is contained in many food; the main resources are vegetables and fruits.

Potassium insufficiency: Potassium decrease in the organism should not cause any serious problems for a healthy person. First sign of Potassium deficiency is fatigue, faintness and sickness. Serious insufficiency might result from the usage of diuretics, or heavy diarrhea and vomiting. Permanent insufficiency might result in acute heart failure.

Potassium surplus: Intoxication is almost impossible because the majority of population might consume up to 18 g of Potassium per day. Intoxication is possible for people who suffer from any kidney failure or use excessive doses of Potassium dietary supplements. The main surplus symptoms are muscular tiredness and irregular palpitation. Potassium dietary supplements might evoke stomach sickness or irritation.

Potassium - usage

Majority of people do not have to use dietary supplements, except those who use diuretics. One should try to gain most of the necessary Potassium from food. People using ACE inhibitors in order to decrease the blood pressure level cannot use Potassium at all.

Use Potassium dietary supplements with a meal to prevent from stomach irritation.

Potassium rich foods - sources

Fresh vegetables and fruits, for example potatoes, bananas, apricots and oranges contain high contents of Potassium. Meat, poultry, milk and yoghurts are also proper resources of this mineral.

Potassium - facts and suggestions

  • Cooking vegetables reduces the content of Potassium. Prepare the vegetable in microwave or steam. For example, cooking potatoes reduces the content of 50 %, but preparing them in steam decreases the content only of 6 %.
  • Dietary supplements should not contain more than 99 mg of Potassium in one tablet (including the combined multivitamin supplements). If one considers the usage of Potassium is necessary, he should consult it with his physician first.

Potassium - warnings

If one suffers from a kidney disorder or uses medicaments for blood pressure decrease or heart failures, he should consult the usage of Potassium with his physician first. . If one experiences any health difficulties, he should consult using dietary supplements with his physician.

Potassium - additional information

  • Potassium has a beneficial influence on the blood pressure. People with optimal blood pressure level who used 2340 mg of Potassium per day had lowered systolic pressure of 2 mm Hg and diagnostic of 1 mm Hg. These minimal changes had reduced the risk of hypertension of 25 %. The decrease of systolic pressure was 4,4 mm Hg and diastolic 2,5 mm Hg for people suffering from high blood pressure.
  • Permanent physical effort decreases the level of Potassium in muscles. Therefore, athletes must regularly supply the organism with Potassium and other minerals in order to avoid its insufficiency.

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