Angioma - cherry, spider and removal

Angioma - cherry, spider and removal

Angioma is a noncancerous tumor formed of BLOOD vessels (hemangioma) or LYMPH VESSELS (lymphangioma). Angiomas visible on the SKIN are common and may appear as circular, red growths (cherry angiomas) or weblike networks of blood vessels just beneath the surface of the skin (spider angiomas). Angiomas generally remain small and seldom present health complications. Because it contains such a rich blood supply an angioma may bleed profusely when cut or in a location that receives frequent irritation such as from clothing that rubs or constricts it. The dermatologist may remove an angioma that often bleeds or that the person finds cosmetically unacceptable. Common methods of removal include electrical desiccation (applying a slight electrical current to the angioma) and liquid nitrogen (which freezes the angioma). Angiomas occur more frequently in older adults (beyond age 50), though can develop at any age.


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