Lentigines - dark spots - treatment

Lentigines - dark spots - treatment

Lentigines are dark spots of varying size on the SKIN, also called freckles, liver spots, or age spots. Lentigines develop as a result of continued sun exposure and indicate damage to the skin. A single spot is a lentigo. Lentigines are often widespread on areas of skin that receive high sun exposure, such as the face and arms, sometimes covering the entire surface of exposed skin. It is important to examine the skin in areas of heavy sun damage, such as those with many lentigines, for signs of SKIN CANCER as most skin cancer arises from such damage.

Cosmetic products such as creams and lotions containing alphahydroxy acid, lactic acid, or other mild fruit acids can lighten lentigines, functioning as a mild CHEMICAL PEEL. These products have a mild bleaching action that reduces pigmentation in the areas of application. Cosmetic procedures such as dermatologist-performed chemical peel, hydroquinone application (a bleaching agent), or LASER SURGERY can diminish or eliminate lentigines and other blemishes on the face.


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