What is Callus - definition, removal and treatment

What is Callus - definition, removal and treatment

Callus is an accumulation of keratocytes that form a thickened area of SKIN in response to repeated friction or pressure, typically at the site of repeated blistering. A callus may be a different color than the surrounding skin, often grayish or yellowish. Calluses are most likely to develop on the palms, fingers, fingertips, heels, and balls of the feet. Most calluses are not painful and help protect the skin from blisters and other frictionrelated injuries.

Callus Treatment and Removal

Calluses do not require medical intervention unless they cause PAIN. Applying aloe or a moisturizing skin lotion and gently rubbing the callus with a pumice stone while in the shower or bath are measures that can contain the size and thickness of calluses. Wearing gloves to protect the hands and well-fitting socks to protect the feet can help prevent a BLISTER and resulting callus from forming.


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