Fitzpatrick skin type classification

Fitzpatrick skin type classification

Fitzpatrick skin type is a commonly used classification system for identifying a person’s SKIN characteristics, particularly the likelihood for SUNBURN and developing ACTINIC KERATOSIS and SKIN CANCER. Dermatologists also use Fitzpatrick skin type as a factor in determining appropriate cosmetic procedures to treat skin blemishes and WRINKLES.

Fitzpatrick Skin Type Classifications
TypeSkin characteristicsSun exposure
type I very pale or ruddy; numerous freckles always BURNS, never tans; severe SUNBURN (blisters) with unprotected exposure; high risk for SKIN CANCER
type II pale or light-toned; some freckles mostly on face, shoulders, arms, hands usually burns, lightly tans; moderate sunburn (redness) with unprotected exposure; increased risk for skin cancer
type III olive sometimes burns, moderately tans; mild sunburn (pinkness) with unprotected exposure; moderate risk for skin cancer
type IV light brown seldom burns, easily tans; low risk for skin cancer
type V brown rarely burns, darkly tans; seldom develops skin cancer
type VI dark brown to brownish black never burns; rarely develops skin cancer


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